About Us

59S, A new era of LED sterilization,  providing a quick disinfection, portable and Eco-friendly solution powered by UVC LED sterilization.

OUR VISION Is to sterilise all living areas in closed spaces using the ground-breaking SunClean range of LED lights and related UV-C and  UVA products, preventing the spread of disease and viruses within SECONDS.

Our Mission Is to grow a healthy nation by sterilizing all closed space while you’re busy enjoying the outside.

All 59s South Africa products are built in state-of- the art factories and to the highest standard by seasoned experts in the technological world. It is approved for use by numerous organizations around the world so that you do not have to think twice about your personal safety when using one of our products.

Our Certifications

We take the safety of our customers very seriously, therefore, our products have been put through rigorous testing and certified by one of the highest authorities: the FDA and tested by SGS/Alpha testing

Our awards

Our acclaimed products have already won the favor of multiple awards relating to technology and innovation.