Sole authorized distributor of UVC lighting in South Africa!

can you put a price on safety?

We are the Intelligent lighting experts

59s South Africa is the only authorized distributor of UVC-disinfecting lighting solutions in South Africa. We strive to bring a new range of lighting solutions that are effective, easy-to-use and a safe way of combating up to 99.9% of diseases on every surface of your living or office space. 

What we offer

         Our products utilize cutting-edge Radar technology that works by:

  • Switching on the UVC disinfection process when all occupants leave the room 
  • Certified to kill viruses, such as H1N1 and Covid-19, on contact with UVC light 
  • Switches the UVC light off, automatically when in close proximity of the light- bulb, to ensure it does not harm occupants when they enter the room 

Tried and tested

Our lighting products have be built to the highest standard by industry veterans. It has be tested all over the world to meet and exceed the industry standard. 

We are the only distributors in South Africa!

While 59s South Africa are the sole distributors of LED sanitation solutions,  you can apply to become a verified dealer 

South Africa

59s South Africa offers UVC sanitization-lighting solutions to its verified dealers only

Los Angeles

59s, the manufacturer, has offices in California, United States.


59s headquarters and the original conception and design of LED sanitation products


59s has state-of-the-art manufacturing plants to produce a quality product.

Interested in becoming a 59s South Africa UVC sanitation-lighting dealer ?

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